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Good Life Advice

by Byron on October 24, 2018

Hey Guys-  I really liked this post from Quora.  I agree with almost all of it.  Love, Dad

Sheriff Hoodwalker
Sheriff Hoodwalker, B.A Telecommunications Engineering & Antennas, Federal University of Technology, Minna (2019)

Originally Answered: What are things about life no one tells you?
  1. Nobody told me how important money is.
  2. Nobody told me that my mind can be my greatest enemy
  3. Nobody told me the importance of decisions
  4. Nobody told me that only the parents truly care (although it’s subjective, for some parents don’t care)
  5. Nobody told me that many people would like to see my downfall
  6. Then people will pity you only when you fail more than they want you too
  7. That success requires more than just hard work
  8. That discipline and self control are crucial
  9. That people will judge you by your look which you don’t really have control over
  10. That great character isn’t easily built
  11. That anxiety can ruin a life
  12. That you can easily be assisted to be brought out of a problem, but assistance to becone successful, especially massive success, people will only want to assist you if they have something to gain from your ambition
  13. That it’s better to be alone than to be with negative people
  14. Majority of the people will care about you, only if they have something to gain
  15. That one of the greatest forms of joy is to be a man of value
  16. There is joy in living in awareness and consciousness
  17. That wisdom is not taught in school
  18. School, especially college is overrated
  19. Self education is the best
  20. Everything is subjective
  21. That am stupid
  22. That I shouldn’t buy into praise or blame
  23. That I shouldn’t care about anyone’s opinion.
  24. That I should strive to die in the best version of myself
  25. That since our birth, death is already chasing us, trying to kill us
  26. Life is not as hard as people take it, but don’t go broke, people don’t joke with money
  27. There are people who find massive joy in helping others
  28. That you are responsible for your failure alone
  29. That any advice from others is not to be acted upon, but thought upon before being acted upon.
  30. That many people don’t act based on logic, facts and reality
  31. That when a couple fights, they’re indirectly fighting their children
  32. That Quora is the best social media platform(subjective)
  33. That we’re stronger than we think we’re.
  34. That People always want to feel they’re better
  35. That envy easily turns friends into enemies, only very few people are able to beat that.
  36. That overdependence on parents can seriously hinder one’s success
  37. That people place you, wherever you place yourself.
  38. That kindness is the ultimate beauty.

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