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13.1 in my DECK and GIBS

by Byron on October 20, 2018

Hey Guys,

I ran the Baltimore half-marathon this morning.  You guys couldn’t be there like last time I ran because you each had birthday parties to go.  I had a pretty smooth run.  I really thought hard on two things.

One: Keep Going.  Just keep going.  I never stopped going (save about 30 seconds to stretch my cramped leg).  Some moments were inspired and seemed to barely require any effort to run and run hard.  A few moments were total drudgery.  Some were boring, some were lost in thought.  But I just kept fucking going.  Don’t get too high, don’t get too low, just go.

Two: Community.  Wow, community.  It’s such an important component of life.  Taking care of yourself, your family, your responsibilities, your work, are all super important, for sure.  But being part of a community and taking care of that community is pretty awesome!  I felt that today.  I’d love for you guys to feel that also.  Maybe next year if I don’t run we can go down and cheer people on.

Love you guys,


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