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A Voice Chat Scheduler, Not a Phone

by Byron on February 17, 2015


This will be part message to you guys, part business idea.  If no one has built it by the time you guys are like, 15, please build this…

a voice chat scheduler that eliminates a phone.

Phones are so stupid.  They are technology of yesterday.  Being as they are in everyone’s pocket, I can simply buzz someone’s pocket?  Anytime I want to?  Interrupt them, annoy them?  So stupid.

What’s needed is an app that puts together someone desiring a voice chat with the person from whom they desire it.  Phone calls stretch from an emergency to spam.  Yet emergencies and spam sound the same coming from your pocket.  How stupid!

I want more voice chats in my life, I just want them to be scheduled.  And scheduled for me when I can make them work.  The “phone” (read, computer in my pocket) should do that for me.  Only you guys and Mommy should be able to make my pocket jingle whenever you want to.

You guys call it phone, but you only really want youTube vidoes!



ps.  Gibby, you were super sick this week.  Double ear infection.  Mom said, “I hope that’s the worst week you ever have in your life.”  I said, if it’s top 25 worst you’ll have a great life.  You’re going to have your heart broken, you’ll break a heart, you’ll win the big game and lose the big game.  You will have massive successes, but probably a big failure.  There will be rough weeks.  But it’s all good.  I love you a ton!


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