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On the Move!

by Byron on February 1, 2015


My man!  You started crawling this week.  You are moving around!

You are such a love!  You are happy and smiley.

I don’t know what it’s like to be the youngest.  I bet it is somehow both better and worse.  Ultimately, just different.  Luckily, Mom knows what it’s like to have an older sibling.

I never want you to get left behind or get less attention because you are so content.  Always know you can speak up and speak out!  If you aren’t getting what you need, tell me.  Tell somebody.  You have a right to all happinesses.  You have a right to be loved, and thought about, and cared for.  We all do.

You have a mohawk right now.  You have hair on the sides and on the very top, but not in between.  Blaire is your and Decker’s part time Nanny.  Every time she puts your lotion on she slicks up the mohawk as high as it will go.  You look like a little badass!

You go to Baltimore Hebrew.  You will go to Bryn Mawr next year with Decker.  You hang out with PopPop at school.  PopPop loves you!

You are turning eight months in just a couple of days.  Teeth are coming soon.  You want to eat everything in sight, but there’s no teeth yet.

You look at your brother and smile big smiles.  I think you will look up to him tremendously.  Over the long haul, I hope you will look up to each other.

Happy crawling my man!  I love you!




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