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Leaving the Hospital

by Byron on June 29, 2014


We’re leaving the hospital today.  Again.  We were here longer this time than we were when you were born.

On your 22nd day of life, you spiked a fever of about 102.  If you were a few months older, it wouldn’t have been a big deal.  However, as a 3 week old, it meant you had to go to the hospital.

When we got here, they decided you needed a spinal tap to determine if you had meningitis.  The doctor had a little trouble getting spinal fluid, so they had to stick you four times.  Wow, were you a champ.  The spinal fluid had some white blood cells in it, which isn’t a good sign.  However, no one knew if it was from the tap being “traumatic” (blood with the fluid) or if it’s because you were at risk for a bacterial infection and/or meningitis.  You got a bunch of different antibiotics.

Your fever persisted up and down for three days.  It broke for good (HOPEFULLY) yesterday.  Today, we get to go home.

You have been awesome.  You’ve had an IV in your arm for four days.  You have cried when you’re hungry or when you need Mommy or Daddy.  You’ve slept on me or Mommy a lot.

The people around have been awesome too.  The nurses at GBMC have been great.  Mimi and PopPop had Decker sleep over for a few days.  Grandma has been with Deck, too.  Decker asks about you and Mommy.  He tries to swing you in your swing.  “Baabee.  Baabee,” he says.

Mom has been great.  Feeding you and being here for you.

All in all, I’m super impressed with you!  You survived your first fight.  Ready for the world again!

I love you,

DadGibson in the Hospital-smaller

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