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You’re Both So Small

by Byron on June 19, 2014

Decker and Gibson,

I know why older people always want to tell new parents how fast time flies … because it does.  When someone tells you how quickly it goes, they’re really remembering for themselves what it was like for them once upon a time.  And they remembered the feelings, the love, the care they had for their children.  But they don’t remember everything, because how can you remember everything.  They don’t remember when their mischievous child poured out a full glass of water and smiled.  They don’t remember the moment their baby found his hand.  They don’t – they can’t – remember every smile.  And their heart breaks because they want to remember every last bit of it.  So they warn you.  “Cherish every moment,” they say.

I can’t remember every moment any more than they could.  The best I can do is be mindful of how fast it goes.  I said it better here, I think.

Gibson – you’re more easy going than your brother was in the earliest of days (you’re 15 days old today).  You’re inquisitve but calm.  Mostly content.  Just like your brother, people are starting to talk about what a beautiful child you are.

I love you guys!


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