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I Guess I’m Pro-Union

by Byron on July 19, 2013

This was my rant to myself after watching Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream.

Atlas Shrugged?!?

Atlas Shrugged?!?

What a fucking joke.  The title of the book comes from mighty Atlas holding the world on his shoulders.  The story goes, if he simply shrugged, said, “Oh well,” and decided he could not hold up the world anymore, we’d all be fucked.  The powerful use Ayn Rand’s metaphor to suggest if the wealthy decided to take off and not be part of society anymore, we’re screwed.

Bullshit.  They make their money off of you.  Without you, they wouldn’t be rich.  My question for them is: What if the common man shrugged?

What if the truck driver didn’t deliver your food or your gasoline today?  What if he decided you didn’t pay him enough?  What if the truck driver shrugged?

What if your kids teacher shrugged?  What if she said fuck it, your kid doesn’t need to learn, he can run around like a maniac.  I don’t care.  I’m not interested.

What if your software developer shrugged and he cut his corners and your shit stopped working?  What if he shrugged and just went away?

What if the security guard shrugged and then the cop shrugged and then the firefighter, maybe even the army?  Do you have your own security force?  Do you fashion yourself that kind of Atlas?

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