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Finding Truth

by Byron on June 23, 2013

Dear Decker,

We just got back from five days in Florida for Mimi and Pop-Pop’s 40th anniversary celebration.  It was awesome.  Aunt Hillary and Uncle Doug, Jocelyn, Erin, Ezra, and Aunt Michelle and Uncle Scott were there too.  You’re getting big.  You liked the pool and hanging out with everyone.

In the news this week is United States secrets that were leaked by various US government employees and by a website called WikiLeaks.

It got me thinking.  Below is my opinion I wanted to share with you…

There’s not a lot of truth around.  Most people are trying to perpetuate a lie.  The specific lies are nearly as varied as the perpetuators.

You don’t need that bag, it will not make you happier, or richer, or more likely not to starve.  It will not make your children smarter, or kinder, or more likely to take care of you.

You do not need that car.  It will not bring you peace.

The others around you believe the lie, seeming to make it true – that’s what they mean when they say perception is reality.  But they all could believe the lie.  It does not make it true.  The emperor.  He has no clothes.

It is not just belongings.  Are you free?  Was that food really better?  The water purer?

Did you expose your baby to the chemicals?  Did they not tell you what it was made out of?

Governments, capitalism, dictators, socialists, communists, corporations are some of the biggest offenders.  Figure out who seemingly has the most to lose and you will find who is perpetuating the biggest lies.

Of course they’re lying to you.  They have something to gain.  Power to keep.  Money to have.  Advantage to hoarde.

Governments deny access to documents.
Congress can legally trade as insiders.
Money buys influence.
Speaking out against your government is no longer patriotic, it’s treasonous.

That’s what I jotted down last night.  I really believe it.  Question what others are pushing as truth.  Most of it isn’t truth.  Question everything, Decker.  You will be better off for it.

Relatively equal access to information, and what it does to existing power and advantage structures, is the issue of now.  It will remain, possibly for your entire life.  Examples include WikiLeaks, Pussy Riot,  the Arab Spring, the Freedom of Information Act, and hundreds of other lesser important examples, including my website

It’s not easy to find your truth, especially when those around you are pushing thousands of different versions of their truth on you.  And remember the important axiom I heard the other day: Hang a question mark on your mostly closely held beliefs.  

My fear is that these issues unsettle your life as they unsettle the world around you.

For instance, the US Government is handling the Edward Snowden thing all wrong.  He was a government contractor who leaked materials to the public.  The materials contained truths about US behavior in war that are not good.  Sometimes these truths are horrific.  But the stuff was leaked.  The US now threatens him.  Worse, we threaten other countries around the world that will help him.  It’s turning out lots of companies out there are willing to help.  In essence, we are picking fights with everyone.  The horse is already out of the barn.  Can’t put him back.  Start keeping your secrets more closely guarded and start telling people the truth where you can.  Stop committing war crimes, if that’s in fact what’s happening.

I cannot help but think our government is not representative of people’s wishes.  I cannot help but fear the change afoot will unsettle your life.

I hope I’m wrong, Decker.  I pray I’m wrong.

Eyes open, buddy.  Keep your mind nimble and your head on a swivel.

I love you more than you can know until you have your own kid.


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