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Business Idea #113 – An App that Tracks All Food Consumed

by Byron on June 11, 2012

The Problem:

Keeping track of everything you eat is tedious.  Collating it, making sense of the data, and creating action items based on the data is worse.

The Business

The inputs (from human/real-life to machine) matter.  Those inputs often come down to memory and ease of data entry.  I think it’s about being asked and about being able to speak the answer.

The business is an app that tracks all of the food you consume.

If you make the right app, the app can be used by other apps.  There’s no need for them to reinvent the wheel.


The app needs to know when to ask the user for inputs.  It also needs to be able to hear anything and turn it into the correct information.

My Thoughts

Maybe this exists already, I don’t know.  I don’t think so.  I’m aware of things like Lose It. An app like Lose It appears to be effective for what it is, which is something different than I’m talking about.

In essence, what powers my idea is the ease of the machine’s information gathering.  This is the first leg of artificial intelligence.  The second is analysis of the data and custom solutions based on the user.  This doesn’t just apply to eating right, weight loss, or any other one particular area.  It applies to everything that relates to data that can be captured, tracked, and acted upon.  In other words, most things.


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