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Business Idea #112 – Internet on Planes

by Byron on June 8, 2012

The Problem:

Plain and simple: my plane does not have Internet access. In this day and age, that is a problem.

The Business

An Internet on planes installation company.


I’m being a little glib today. I’ve just boarded a 10.5 hour flight to Hawaii and there’s no Internet access. I asked my wife what she thought we should do. She said talk for ten hours. She’s the cutest thing that ever was. She’s my favorite.

They’re working on Internet on planes. It will get here. You’d think it would be on every plane already, what with the natural upsell and all.

My Thoughts

I’m so incredibly blessed. My wife, whom I love more than anything, is next to me. Our baby, inside her, is coming too. Today, for this one day only, I’m not trying to find problems to solve with businesses. Today I’m grateful. Today I’m happy.

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