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Business Idea #102 – Fantasy Sports Simulation Game

by Byron on May 24, 2012

The Problem:

Rightly or wrongly, people clamor for gambling.  Casinos are everywhere.  Online gambling, in some form, is inevitable.  But that’s tomorrow.  Fantasy Sports is now.

The Business

Various laws make US online gambling illegal.  The UIGEA, or Uniform Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, is the most important.  It has a specific carve out for fantasy sports.  Most fantasy sports are played online.  Enormous companies like ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS make significant sums of money from fantasy sports.  And that doesn’t even include the additional engagement the NFL and MLB get from fantasy.

SeasonSimulator would simulate an entire season in some increment.  You could play an entire season’s worth of theoretical fantasy sports in one night.  You don’t even need an actual fantasy sports season, you only need the ability to do monte carlo simulations on sports seasons.


Various sites are doing Daily Fantasy Sports.  The players in that industry are evolving and the winners aren’t sure yet.  This is why I created a Daily Fantasy Baseball site and a Weekly and Daily Fantasy Football site.  There is a strong need for information and content in both.  Ultimately, people have pushed the boundaries of fantasy sports already.

But no one has done anything with theoretical fantasy sports.  I see no reason why it couldn’t be done.

The tough part is the simulator.  Someone would need to build it.  Daily fantasy baseball makes more than daily/weekly fantasy football.  This was, at first, very surprising to me.  Then I realized, of course, there’s a lot more days to play.  Imagine if you could play a theoretical fantasy football season or theoretical week, in just one night.

My Thoughts

I’m done with the fantasy sports for awhile.  Sorry.  My mind gets fixated.


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