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Business Idea #101 – The Vanity Domain Name Display

by Byron on May 23, 2012

The Problem:

I know some hardcore domain name collectors.  They have no way of displaying their collection.  The godaddy domain manager screen does not satisfy the ego.

The Business

A domain name display company.

You sell what amount to nothing more than a plaque to hang in your home.  The plaque allows a space for each domain.

Visitors to the home ew and ahh.  It’s a great conversation piece.


This is easy.  It’s just a plaque, marketed differently.  The only distinction is making allowance for changes to the plaque.  Domains should hang on a small tag, with easy ability to add or subtract.

My Thoughts

If people can make money selling fantasy football trophies, people can make money selling a way to display domain names.  (Ever since I put up a daily fantasy football website, I’ve got fantasy football on the brain.)

As I usually try to do, I thought of something I’d like to have.  I’m not sure how much time or effort I’d put into it, but I would put something like that up in my house.


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