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Biz Idea #93 – A Daily Fantasy Reviews Site

by Byron on May 11, 2012

The Problem:

Daily fantasy sports, and daily fantasy football in particular, are an enormous business opportunity.  Some might not be able to participate like was suggested on Monday.

The Business

A Daily Fantasy Sports affiliate website.

If you are new to the game here, affiliate marketing is similar to advertising.  The affiliate, usually via a website, “sells” or promotes a given product or service.  Various tracking software measures what sales are attributable to what affiliates.  The merchant / advertiser / service provider pays the affiliate a commission.

Sites that operate daily fantasy sports websites make their money via a spread.  Five people might pony up $100 each and play against each other.  The winner gets $500.  But it costs $109 to play.  The site pockets $9 x 5 players or $45.

If that player came in via an affiliate, that site would pay a percentage of the $9 to an affiliate, perhaps one-third, or $3.  Doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up.

Fantasy football is a $800M+ yearly business.  Sports gambling is much larger. Daily or weekly fantasy football is the intersection of these two concepts.

Many sites out there simply try to snipe search traffic from places it should already be going.  It is important to add value via quality content.  Examples of this include strategy articles, perspective, promotional codes, weekly forecasting, etc.


This is easy, my friends.  You can start in under 1/2 hour.  To succeed, however, will take a massive amount of time.  It’s not that it’s too difficult to do, it’s just time consuming.  You either need to know or outsource web design, some limited development, SEO work, quality original content, etc.

My Thoughts

If you can’t tell from my two posts this week, this is a business on a substantial growth track.  Yet it’s still early.  An excellent combination.

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