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Biz Idea #92 – An Authentic Running Brand

by Byron on May 10, 2012

The Problem:

People do not realize that running literally get you biochemically high.  In addition, the footwear, clothing, and accessories marketplace lacks an authentic running only brand.

The Business

BIOchemical HIGH

A brand of clothing, maybe footwear, and accessories called BIOchemical HIGH.  An authentic running brand.


As easy (or difficult) as creating Lululemon.  About the same as creating Threadless.  Not too much different than either of these, though.

My Thoughts

I saw a bumper sticker that said, “My sport is your sport’s punishment.”  The bumper sticker was talking about running.  As a runner, it resonated with me.  I liked it.  But I know, as the owner of that bumper sticker knows, running is not punishment.  In fact, it produces a runner’s high. (If you don’t like Wikipedia, maybe a New York Times article called Yes, Running can Make You High does it for you.)

I thought of biochemical high.  I figured why not just call the brand that.  So the idea is BIOchemical HIGH.  Everything works with the runner in mind.  Running.  Only running.  Needless to say, I came up with this idea while running yesterday afternoon.

Lululemon.  Nike.  Life is Good.  This is how businesses get started.

Plus, everyone craves the authentic.  If you are truly obsessed with running and you make every aspect of this about running, you will do something no one else is really doing.  Brands you might think of as good running brands aren’t running only.  That hole is the opportunity.

(Sorry, I can’t link to Nike.  As of May ’12 it’s the worst website ever.)

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