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Biz Idea #57 – A Second Market Research Shop

by Byron on March 22, 2012

The Problem:

It’s difficult to find comprehensive reports on Second Market companies.  Furthermore, if you’re a stockbroker, you need a job because technology is ruining your existence.

The Business

A website that provides analysis of companies on Second Market.  Perhaps the site could cover every Second Market company, as it comes out?


Second Market boasts listed shares of more than 25,000 private companies.  You can’t cover them all.  Or can you?

On one level, this could simply be a one person blog giving opinions on Second Market listed company shares and exposing new Second Market listed companies.  On the other hand, this could be a full research shop, on par with a big Wall Street firm.  How much do you believe in fundamental change?

Either way, you are likely selling opinion and information.  You can monetize this info/opinion via direct sale or advertising.

My Thoughts

Amazing, industry-killing innovations start slow.  You wouldn’t think that little ole Second Market would be a major cog in what will ultimately be the revolution of the secondary market.  Do you think this is hyperbole?  Ask yourself: what percentage of securities traded on US exchanges are packaged products vs. what percentage are actual company shares?  Then look at the growth of the percentage of packaged product as compared to actual company shares.  You see where I’m going?

The secondary market as we know it is being fundamentally changed by Second Market, Kickstarter and other crowdfunding options, and by venture capital.  Instead of fighting it, you need to recognize it and profit from it.

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