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Biz Idea #56 – A 529 Baby Registry

by Byron on March 21, 2012

The Problem:

New parents have so many new expenses, and so little time, often the 529 college savings plan gets deferred, even though they should start now.

The Business

A 529 plan in the form of a baby registry.  Instead of simply giving cash, or miscellaneous baby gifts, the gift givers can give “college classes” in the form of financial contributions to the 529.  Eighteen years at 8% equals a quadrupling of your money.  Therefore, people might even be able to give “one credit” or even a “whole class.”  You could make it kind of fun and have the gift giver pick out the actual class.  Subject to change, of course.  Grandparents will be big participants.


You would either need to be a financial advisory or have a relationship with one.  But your costs could be quite low.  I picture the idea as a website registry, much the same as any other.

The business makes its money from a set-up fee or possibly as a percentage of the yearly advisory fee.  The financial industry is much more highly regulated than most, and the 529 space is even more highly regulated, but there is a revenue model in here that works.

My Thoughts

This is an excellent marketing tool for financial advisory firms.  Young couples are increasingly the target of advertising.  Many firms realize you need to form the relationships when the couple is young.  The 529 is the perfect place to start.  This idea could simple be a financial advisory with a unique marketing technique.  If not, your service would be valuable to the financial advisory.

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