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Idea #9 – A High End Executive Assistant Training

by Byron on January 12, 2012

The Problem

Good executive assistants are difficult to find.

The Business

Online training for high-end executive assistants.  It would be exclusive, and admission would be expensive.  It would be a three month program that might even end in a week of in-person training in a centralized location.

It’s less how to use software programs, and more how to anticipate the executive’s every need.

This could be bolted on to a placement firm.  However, this is not like the online programs that currently exist.  The student cannot pay for the education, otherwise it loses the exclusivity it needs to really succeed.


You need the infrastructure to have an online school.  (Does this exist in a quasi out-of-the-box format?  If not, you’ve just gotten a preview of tomorrow’s idea.)  You also need some Emily Post type names to bring the polish and panache to this finishing school.  Experienced faculty.

Ultimately, this is an extremely expensive idea to start.

My Thoughts

This must have an incredibly high end feel.  Ideally, the assistants would be so well trained that you might even know them as a HighEndAssistantsU Grad just by spending a few hours with them.  They would take the job incredibly seriously.  Alumni would likely have a job for life.

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