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Idea #8 – 3D Printing Templates

by Byron on January 11, 2012

3D Printing Templates

The Problem

No one realizes they can design their own sets of dishes on 3D printers.

No one realizes how big 3D printing is going to be.  No one knows how to use 3D printers, how much they cost, where to get supplies for them, or just about anything else about them.

The Business

Theme websites around specific 3D printing tasks.  In this case,


Truthfully, I’m in a little over my head on this one.  I don’t know all that much about 3D printing, other than it has immense utility if and when it is cost effective.  (My wife just told me I don’t know anything about dishes either.)  That said, it seems to me that you need pre-done “blueprints” in order to print things.

My Thoughts

I bought a number of 3D printing related domain names a year or so ago.  A number of them centered around the term fabber which was a possible nickname for a 3D printer; fabber being short for digital fabricator.  I think the best domain I have is  Not sure how good any of them are.

All of this is only to say I’ve been thinking about 3D printers for awhile.  I think they are going to be incredible useful.  I am going to dig in hard on this and maybe add a few more ideas to this space over the coming weeks and months.

Unlike a traditional printer that can print an unlimited number of “things” in two dimensions, a 3D printer is going to be used primarily for a more defined set of items, especially when it is being used as a utility tool.

For instance, when the 3D printer is being used in remote locations where you have exceedingly low daily wages, it is going to be producing a lot of dish sets, not a lot of custom actionhero figurines.

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