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Idea #1 – An App for Being Told How to Maintain Relationships

by Byron on January 2, 2012

Suggestion Calling

The Problem:  I am driving home from work, I have made a commitment to myself to keep in better touch with certain people, but I just stare at my supposedly smart phone, unable to remember who I said I was supposed to call.  Which people did I say I was going to keep in better touch with and have I?  I wind up calling my wife and asking her what she wants to eat for dinner.

The Business:  Create an app that suggests who you should call.  You tell the app who you would like to keep in better touch with, the app monitors whether you are doing so.  Ideally, it would examine your call log, skype, your facebook messages, email, calendar, and any other avenue for maintaining relationships via communication.  Suggestion Calling.

Doableness:  Very, with a few good coders.  Success, like most apps, would hinge on ease of use and true utility in life.

Market:  Enormous.  People with smartphones.  Everyone has issues maintaining their relationships.  Those who are bad at it but want to be better will love this.  Those who are good at it will love it more.

My Thoughts:

Apps should integrate easier with other apps.  Apps that build on the purpose of other apps are the most valuable – especially those that put the original app’s purpose in context.  The very thing the phone was invented for – maintaining relationships – the phone doesn’t actually do.  It is merely a tool to do it.  The above app, idea #1, helps it do it better.


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