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An Idea for a New Business Every Single Business Day

by Byron on January 1, 2012

In 2012, my life will change.  The only thing I’ve ever truly loved professionally was starting a company and managing a growing one.  So that’s what I’m going to do.

I never enjoyed practicing law and I never enjoyed being a financial advisor at a wirehouse.  I enjoyed and enjoy being an entrepreneur.  In early 2012 I will leave my job and start a company.

This blog is also going to change.  In addition to the new company, my challenge to myself is to write a blog post every single business day with an idea for a new start-up business.

Some ideas will be good, some will not.  Some ideas are more developed than others.  Some ideas can be started by one person in their spare time, some will take a big team and millions of dollars.

The goal is that every idea and every post will make you think.

It was Michael Dell who said, “Ideas are a commodity.  Execution is scare.”  There is nothing novel about coming up with a business idea.  Even a million dollar one.  Your best friend’s cousin recently had that genius idea, didn’t she?  Everyone knows someone.

But coming up with an idea for a new start-up business every single business day is novel indeed.  I knew I was on to something when everyone I shared my vision with said, “Everyday?!?  C’mon Byron, one a week would be impressive.”

So that’s my goal.  One post.  One idea for a brand new business.  Every single business day in 2012.  There are 252 business days in 2012.  That’s 252 ideas.  And I’m excited to get started, so I’m going to put one out tomorrow, a non-business day.  253 ideas.

Wish me luck.

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