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Food Preservation

by Byron on June 10, 2011

On Monday, my fiancée made salmon with sweet potatoes, zucchini cakes, and broccoli and carrots. It was delicious. Very nutritious as well. The only problem was I didn’t eat about a third of what was on my plate. But I kind of mushed it together to some degree. It wasn’t really suitable to save as leftovers.

We must have the technology for me to grind it up, add a preserving agent, flavor it, turn it into a bar shape, and put a wrapper around it. All from my kitchen. That technology clearly already exists.

Would I eat it the next day or three months later? Maybe. Might I ship it off to hungry parts of the world? Maybe. We have to combat waste on a massive scale. A device/process like this would help. It would also be very cost efficient.

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