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by Byron on May 23, 2011

A new service, Ortsbo, has been launched to translate instant messenger conversations in real-time.

I have not used the service. I don’t know its quality or error rate. I have used google translate numerous times and its translation, though certainly useful, leaves a great deal to be desired. In real-time, Ortsbo will need to be relatively error free to facilitate, not hinder, communiction.

When I heard about Ortsbo, it became very easy for me to picture the future. If Ortsbo really works seamlessly, or someone else can make it work seamlessly, instant translation will be a real game changer.

More than just IM, imagine a verbal translator that worked out loud and instantly. No need for translators, no need to worry about how you will be able to communicate abroad. What’s the future for Rosetta Stone?

Ortsbo has mobile apps, but I mean a device that translates a live convo in very real time.

One question though, What is the universal language? Ortsbo? Machine? Once we can all communicate via the same medium, aren’t we speaking the medium.

Whatever we’re speaking, eventually everyone will have this.

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