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Eternal Moments

by Byron on May 13, 2016

Hey Guys-

I watched the movie A.I.: Artificial Intelligence with Mom tonight.

That movie is so intense.  Like many things, it made me think how much I love you guys.  It also made me grateful for all of the time I’ve had with you.  I have had those eternal moments with you boys.  I can feel these moments in my soul.  They are literally a part of me now.

I wish the same kind of love for you both.  You are both such wonderful human beings.

I love you both so much


Deck – you just learned rhyming words.  You say, with so much pride and happiness, “Burkey, Turkey.  Bibby, Gibby.  Mandy, Dandy.  Byron, Siren.”  Except you say my name with what sounds like an enormous Baltimore accent.  It comes out like, “Baarn, Saarn.”

Gibby – you just started giving greetings and goodbyes.  You say, “How doin?” to people you see.  You say to one of your friends at school, “Seeya mar, Ollie.”  Decker always protests that he wants to go to Leah’s house, to which you always say, “Daddy, go Leah house!  Go Leah house!”


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