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I Will Be More Grateful

by Byron on March 23, 2016

Deck and Gib-

I’m sitting here waiting in the Sinai ER waiting room. When I go back, I will likely have to get surgery. Even though it’s a pretty standard surgery, it’s still scary. You guys are coming to see me before I go back. I can’t wait to give you guys some hugs before I go back.

Assuming I come out all good – of which there is an incredibly, incredibly high chance – I will be more grateful. I will do less work. I will show you both I love you more. I do a really good job of it now. I want to do an amazing, world-class job.

I love you guys more than life itself. I can’t wait to enjoy all of life’s good and bad with you! We’re a team and that unit means everything to me.

I am so happy and amazed that you guys are my sons! So, so happy! You guys are awesome. Epic. And you’re even better together.

You guys and your Momma are why I’m alive. That’s what I’m going to remember always!


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