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Thunderstorms, Bedtime, & Jabbering Away

by Byron on May 19, 2015


When I put you to sleep and it’s time for me to leave, we have a routine.  I say, “It’s time for me to go, Deckie.”  You say, “Stay few minutes.”  I say okay and I rub your back.

Then after a few minutes, I say it’s time for me to go.  You say, “Stay couple minutes.”  And I rub your back.

Then after a minute or so I say it’s time for me to go.  You say “Stay one minute.”  And I do.

And then I leave.  Depending on the night, you say “Night daddy!” or “Lovevvooo.”  Sometimes, like last night, you are a little more hesitant for me to leave and you really ask me to stay.  Last night, it might have been because of the thunderstorms earlier in the night.  Last night you said, “Stay few minutes” about three or four times, even after I had closed the door.

It’s these kind of nights it’s hardest for me to leave.  It’s also probably these nights that it’s most important that I do leave.  Tonight, I left.  And I came into my room and kissed the monitor and said “You can do it.”  And “I’m proud of you.”  


Mom and I got home from Vegas three days ago.  We were gone 3 days.  You guys stayed with Mimi and PopPop.  We were worried you were going to walk while we were away and we were going to miss it.  Alas, you haven’t walked yet.

But when I woke up Sunday morning and first heard you downstairs, you were jabbering away like I hadn’t heard yet from you.  You had a lot to say, and you wanted Mom to listen!

You’ve been a little fussy lately.  It could be because you are 11.5 months old with only two teeth and those new teeth need to come in.  It could be because you want so badly to communicate.

You see us communicating.  You see Decker communicating.  You know what a lot of words and actions mean, but you don’t have a way to agree or disagree.  You don’t have a way to get your point known.  We all have a perspective, and we all want to share that perspective.  It’s part of the reason Facebook and Twitter have exploded onto the scene in the last five or so years.

I so badly want to hear your perspective, Gibson!  Watching Decker have his perspective and personality blossom over the last year and half or so, makes me know how exciting it is to watch.  Can’t wait to see yours!  You guys make me wish Mom and I were having more kids!  You guys are so much fun.  I love watching you guys become people!  You make getting up and going through various stuggles worth it.  Thanks for being you!


Love you both!


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