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A Top Tener

by Byron on May 12, 2015

Hey Guys,

Today was one of those beautiful days.  The sun, a breeze, not too hot.  Just right.  A wonderful spring day.  One of those days where you say, I’m not sure if it’s the nicest day of the year, but it’s sure in the top ten.  It’s a top tener.

We cruised around the neighborhood, Decker in your buggy, Gibby in the trike.  We went to the tennis courts and rode the buggy around – Decker in the driver seat, Gibson standing on the back, me pushing.  We went fast.  Decker, you said, “So fun.”  I love it when you say “So fun.”  And Gibby, you just laughed your raspy little laugh, cause you’re still getting over being sick.

It’s tough to say there’s no God when we’re flying around the tennis court, the breeze in our face, Mom sitting and smiling from across the court.  And we’re laughing!

Decker, I always ask you, “Who’s my man?”  And you look and me and smile, coyly, and you say, “Gib-by.”  And I always say, “Gibby is my man!  And who else is my man?”  And you say, “Decker!!”  And I say, “That’s right.  Decker is my man!”

I’m so grateful for you two.  You are the light.  You are the reminder of the light in us all.  Thanks for being you!  Both of you!

Mom and I are going to Las Vegas on an airplane tomorrow.  I have a conference, and Mom and I are going to spend some time with each other.  You guys are staying with Mimi and PopPop and Blaire.  You’ll have fun and we’ll see you Sunday morning.  I’m gonna miss you guys like crazy.  I’m not sure I want to do stuff like this anymore.  I don’t know if I can be away from you that long!  In any case, I will miss you so, so much!

Gibby, you are almost walking, but don’t take the first real steps when we’re gone!

Look out for each other!

I love you both!!




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