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We Have the Tools

by Byron on January 23, 2014

Dear Decker,

Technology has given us the tools to care more- more truth, more transparency, more holding those in power accountable.  This is true be it corporations, politicians, governmental departments or even non-profits or community organizations.

Yet we seem to care less and less.

Maybe the same tools make us more self motivated.

For a long time, it was relatively easy to make money exploiting misinformation or a lack of facts.  It gets harder an harder all of the time.  Maybe by the time you need to make a living, there won’t be anything but transparency.  Between here and there, however, I expect there to be an intense battle between truth seekers and those attempting to hide something.  It’s certainly begun in earnest.

I’m participating in an small way as well.  I’m glad I’m doing work I’m proud of.  I’m glad I come home to you.

I love you Decker.



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