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Knowledge, Information, & the New

by Byron on February 6, 2014


The three types of human relationships with radically new knowledge and information:

1.) the denier.  It’s simply too complicated to mix in the new information with their existing worldview.  It would skew things too drastically for them.  It’s too complicated so they deny, dispute, move on.

2.) the craver.  I must know more.  I want to understand fully.  Knowledge always produces more questions.  (An aside: is the craver really just seeking the answer to the ultimate question: what is life, what is love, what is god)

3.) the contented.  Vast knowledge collection is not important to them.  They don’t deny knowledge is powerful and full of possibility, but they don’t necessarily need much more for themselves.

I’m a craver.  I don’t think one should be judgmental about who is who.  In many ways, I long to eventually be among the contented.  For now, I seek.

You give me pause from the seeking, the craving.  I’m pretty sure it’s because you and your little bro on the way are the answer.


Yesterday Mom and I invented a new rule – no cell phones from 5:30 to 7:30.  Family only.  I’m excited for that.

Tonight I said, “Decker, where’s your head?” and you slapped me on the forehead.

I love you!


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