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Business Idea #196 – Doctor Office Advertising

by Byron on October 9, 2012

The Problem:

The doctor’s office does not have enough advertising.  Sitting in the waiting room, I need more things to distract me.  I would almost welcome ads.

The Business

I found myself in an orthopedic doctor’s office yesterday.  The regular television was on.  I saw the regular ads during the local news.  An injury lawyer ad was on.  It irritated me that the doctor wasn’t getting paid for this beautifully conincidental situation.

The business, therefore, is a network of advertisers advertising in doctor offices.  Perhaps wall ads, magazines, and/or “tv” ads on internal networks or replacing traditional ads.


Very complex.

My Thoughts

Yesterday was Columbus Day.  I have nothing to say about Columbus one way or the other, I was just glad to have the day off.  I was also glad to finally see an O’s playoff win.  It’s been 15+ years.  Last time I saw the O’s vs. the Yanks it was this little degen getting his 5 minutes of fame.  It’s all different in ’12.

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Björn Wilmsmann October 9, 2012 at 2:27 am

Actually, this does exist, in Germany. It’s called Arzt TV (Doctors’ TV), an internal TV network for doctors’ offices.

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