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Business Idea #197 – Law Firm Web Content

by Byron on October 10, 2012

The Problem:

Lawyers need to provide content to prospective clients – legal updates, case strategy, checklists, general guidance,etc.  It’s hard to produce this quality content while practicing law.

The Business

Legal content for lawyers for their websites.  This is needed in every area of the law, but notably for lawyers who serve consumers, as opposed to businesses.  Examples include injury law and lawyers, criminal lawyers, elder law, some light trust and estates, etc.


Simply find lawyers willing to pay you for your quality content.  Also required is intimate knowledge of SEO and specifically search engine optimization for lawyers.

My Thoughts

I may have put this idea up already.  If so, my apologies.  My mind is stuck on business ideas for lawyers with the launch of my new company and new product this month.


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