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Business Idea #194 – A Website Showing You How Much Money People Make

by Byron on October 4, 2012

The Problem:

Other people’s salaries are often a mystery.  Think about it.  How many different people’s salary do you know?  Even today, money is a taboo topic.

The Business

A website with nothing other than a running slideshow with people’s incomes.  The slideshow might be sortable by country, profession, industry, or level of happiness.

The entries would be simple and standardized.  A picture, first name, job, industry, salary and self-described level of happiness.

I’ll bet the annual income issue of Parade magazine is the most read, by far.  This is something people are interested in.


This idea is easy.  The only trouble is obtaining an enormous quantity of accurate data.  That part is exceedingly difficult.

My Thoughts

This idea might be best as a non-profit.  A study, perhaps, that analyzes happiness and income.  You need a ton of people willing to give you good information.

I began thinking about this because my business essentially takes a peek at how much money workers’ compensation claimant attorneys make.  Early customer feedback indicates, as expected, it’s a touchy subject.




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