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Business Idea #193 – A Law Firm SEO Company

by Byron on October 3, 2012

The Problem:

There are not enough companies doing quality law firm SEO work for lawyers.  There are a few certainly, but the market has enormous growth potential.

The Business

An SEO company specializing in lawyers and law firms.


If you have the requisite knowledge, this idea is very doable.  The knowledge is SEO.  And SEO these days means knowledge of PR, PPC, ROI, and twenty other acronyms.

My Thoughts

My business has aspects of lawyer SEO.  You can learn more here.  We will not offer law firm SEO services for the forseeable future.  The risk with lawyer SEO is you will favor one firm over another.  We will not do so with The Comp Pinkbook or The Injury Lawyer Database.

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