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Business Idea #157 – Where are They Now

by Byron on August 13, 2012

The Problem:

There is no centralized location for finding information on where former celebrities are now.  Olympians, athletes, local celebs, child actors, and one-hit-wonders all generate interest.

The Business

A pure content play – A Where are They Now type website

All the pseudo celebs current locales, all in one place.


You need to find a way to bring in a lot of data.  You also need a good editor to come up with the list.  This idea is not the information getter – you need to automate obtaining the information.  I’m not sure how it monetizes.

My Thoughts

Wikipedia actually does an excellent job of giving the latest info on where Corey Feldman, Mo Vaughn, and Greg Louganis are these days.  However, you can’t view them all in one place.  If you could, and you had thousands of people, visitors would browse for hours.

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