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Business Idea #156 – Parenting Advice Hotline

by Byron on August 10, 2012

The Problem:

Parents, especially new parents, find it hard to know what to do in every parenting situation.  And sometimes, you need thoughts or an answer quick!

The Business

A parenting advice hotline.  A per call charge and/or a fee by the minute.  Any and all questions about being a parent.


You need to have an excellent database and really good operators.  You need a good disclaimer before the operator picks up.  And, of course, you need cost efficient marketing.

My Thoughts

Getting to talk to knowledgeable people with answers is increasingly becoming a privilege.  As more content goes onto the Internet, context becomes ever more important.  No one has yet been able to replicate how quickly two humans are able to sort out context, even over the phone.

This idea could be for anyone who needs information and answers.


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