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Business Idea #134 –

by Byron on July 11, 2012

The Problem:

What if I want to become a cop or a lawyer or a firefighter, but I’ve never met one?  What if I want to know about teaching in St. Louis public schools, but I don’t know who to talk to?  What if I just need someone with a little practical experience to help show me the way, but I’ve never met that person?

The Business

Talk to a

You pay $20, you get to talk to someone with a specific expertise or knowledge, and a willingness to talk to you.  Maybe they get paid $10 to talk to you for 15 minutes.


This website/app/facebook app/ecosystem is simply connecting two groups of people together for a chat.  That part is easy, or, at least, no harder than any other web business.  The tough part here is building the community.  If someone wants to talk to a club team rugby player in the Chicagoland area who moved to the US from Scotland within the last four years, you need to find that person.

Okay, I’m exagerating.  But you must find a way for the user to have a good experience before the community gets to scale.

You also need to find a way to verify the users have the experience.  This is getting easier and easier all the time with the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.  Over time, the community feedback will decide whom you can trust.

My Thoughts

This is kind of like angie’s list meets quora meets stumbleupon meets google groups meets facebook.  Or whatever.

It connects two people.  A teacher and a student.  On any topic.  For just a brief convo.  How much is an introduction worth?

This is probably the best idea on this blog.  Don’t tell anyone.

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