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Business Idea #133 – An App that Reads Me MY News

by Byron on July 10, 2012

The Problem:

Time spent driving is time I cannot be on the smartphone.  But that’s the time I want my news – feeds, my areas of interest, etc.

The Business

An app that reads you the news – your news.  It aggregates from your favorite content and social media sources then gives you the info.


Machines don’t handle context like humans, and that’s where your challenge with this idea will come into play.  But it’s got to be doable.  It’s a content aggregator and text to talk application in one.

My Thoughts

At first I wondered how to monetize.  The answer is small, brief interruptions tailored to the user.  You know, advertising.  You have the user’s attention.  As long as you don’t exploit the attention, brief interruptions are likely worth it for the user.  It’s either that or pay for the app.  Therefore, it probably works well with a freemium model.

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