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Biz Idea #58 – Investment Advisor Second Opinions on Cruises

by Byron on March 23, 2012

The Problem:

It’s hard to know: Is my investment advisor doing a good job?  Related: people on cruises don’t have enough things on which to spend money.  (As evidenced by the endless new things that cruises seem to be selling these days.)

The Business

Combine the two “problems.”  Financial advisors on cruises.  Their practice is solely designed to give a second opinion about another financial advisor.  The boat advertises their services.


You need to find financial advisors who are capable of knowing whether another financial advisor is honest.  They must be willing to travel to paradise repeatedly.

In all seriousness, the only difficult part of this is selling the cruiseline.  This idea is actually pretty simple.  Charge $449 for the two hour review.  Do five per advisor per day with one day off.  Two advisors per boat.

Can you sell 60 reviews per cruise?  That might be a little stretch, but I think it’s quite possible.

And if you can do it…  and pay the cruise company sixty percent… and pay the advisor twenty percent… and get on fifty boats…

You will make about $28 million dollars next year.

My Thoughts

Nothing’s as easy as that, but this idea is very doable.  Does it catch as a product?  Who knows?  But it’s way past the giggle test.  (You know, the test where you laugh at my stupidity.)

I had promised I’d write about my idea to kill email this week.  Alas, the week as come and gone and I have yet to write it.  I will write it next week.

But my fun little Friday idea to postpone the complex email killer post isn’t so bad.  And you’d probably have an easier time making 28 million next year putting financial advisors on cruises than you will killing email.

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