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Biz Idea #32 – Finding the Activites of the Future

by Byron on February 15, 2012

The Problem:

People don’t a have one forum for peering into all the cool things that are going to be available in the future.  They need one.

The Business

Anyone can come to and sign-up to be notified when a planned or conceptualized activity becomes reality.

Providers of that activity can post the activity.  Or anyone who thinks an idea seems possible can post the activity.

For example:

  • Travel into space
  • Colonize the moon
  • Live on a manmade island in the ocean
  • Be fitted with gills for unlimited swimming
  • Have your genome sequenced.
  • Buy a Skype Watch.  (booyah Dick Tracy)

You could even give people the option to request notification when an activity hits a certain price.  For instance, I’d like to sequence my genome when the price gets to $450.

The site makes money by selling the information of the requestors to those making the activity possible.


Extremely doable.  It’s just a website connecting two groups of people.  $30K should be more than enough.

My Thoughts

This is a classic situation of success if viral, failure if not.  A site like this needs a ton of traffic to succeed.  It really needs to be it’s own ecosystem.  It needs sign-up lists ten of thousands of people long for real success.

As lead gen sites go, it’s pretty good.  First, the visitor has their own selfish reason for being there (interest in cool things of the future) and their own selfish reason for voluntarily giving you accurate contact information about genuine interest.

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