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Biz Idea #31 – A Personal Media Consultancy

by Byron on February 14, 2012

The Problem:

Very busy and /or disinterested business people often do not have time for the doing and the learning curve of social media accounts and tools.

The Business

The Personal Media Consultancy.  A personal assistant for your life online.

I could have called it a social media coach, but that doesn’t sound as valuable as a personal media consultancy.

You set-up the profiles, make the online relationships mirror the physical world, and generally add value in anyway you can for an executives virtual life.  You most certainly set-up google alerts for your customers.

Many executives are not engaged in the way they would like to be.  They simply do not have the time.  This service would be incredibly valuable for them.  The irony of online is: those with a great deal of time to spend online cannot benefit business-wise as much as someone without the time to spend there.

(That statement is not true for most readers of this blog.  But just because you have done a lot of work integrating your online and physical worlds doesn’t mean others have.  You think web when you think business, relationships, or problem solving.  Most people still don’t.)


Just have full knowledge of social media tools, know why is so valuable, and know that to succeed, you need to charge way more than you think is appropriate for this.  And remember, call yourself a consultancy, not a coach.

My Thoughts

I’m not generally the earliest adopter of anything.  I generally adopt right at the start of the Crossing the Chasm upswing.  But even adopting that early makes me completely forget how many more there are to come and how long it’s going to take them to get there.

This business needs to be relationship based.  It is different than  It doesn’t scale as well.


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