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Biz Idea #26 – Call the Valet

by Byron on February 7, 2012

The Problem:

Valet parking takes too long to retrieve your car.  Last weekend, at a restaurant in Bethesda, I waited outside in the rain for fifteen minutes.  Why not just be able to call and enter your ticket number and have your car queued up for pick-up?  Valet parking is surprisingly low-tech, with their reactive model and doors full of unprotected keys.

The Business

A software/phone system that valets can use where patrons can call ahead with their ticket number and have their car waiting for them.


There is a restaurant in Rockville, Seasons 52, which is already doing this.  So it’s very doable.  However, after much googling, I don’t see where anyone is selling this product wholesale.  I asked Seasons 52 who they used, and they pointed me to a Florida company.  Investigation of the FL valet company didn’t help me determine anything.  As best I can tell, this is a good idea that’s already out there, waiting to be widely distributed.

My Thoughts

A business, even when it comes with the word “start-up” attached, isn’t always about commercializing some genius product, process or invention.  It’s about solving a customer need.  A great product or invention isn’t truly great if .01% of the population gets to use it.  Sometimes a business is about getting a product into the hands of many.

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