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Biz Idea #25 – Blue Dot Spots

by Byron on February 6, 2012

The Problem:

Parking at shopping malls, strip centers, restaurants, and other facilities are often scare.  There is no way to buy your way out of that problem.

The Business

Blue Dot Spots

The owners of various public commerce facilities allow the installation of a system of preferential parking spots.  In order to park in these spots, you must either be a member of the blue dot system, or must pay a surcharge at the time you pay.

The revenue is split with the owners of the facility.


The expense of a system per parking spot would be substantial.  It would certainly pay for itself over time, but how long?  Also, who would police the system?  Would owners of commerce establishments tolerate the bad will generated by patrons having their cars towed?  Could the public stand the inequality of it all?

My Thoughts

This idea will happen at some time in my lifetime.  Is it an idea whose time has come?  Who is to say except the entrepreneur who tries it?


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