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Biz Idea #18 – Computer on DO MODE

by Byron on January 26, 2012

The Problem:

You have too many things to do – much of it on the computer.  When you get a thought, you sometimes get distracted.  You stop what you are doing to pursue that thought.  You then try to come back to what you were doing, which is sometimes challenging.  And when you do complete one task, you need to refer to the to-do list to find your next task.  The to-do list may or may not be prioritized, and you may or may not have gotten distracted in some other way while you attempted to refer to it.

The Business

“Do Mode” for your computer.  It moves you from one task to the next, not allowing you to get distracted.  You can pre-load your day or some other period of time or your morning routine or whatever you want.  Whatever is loaded is what the machine does.  When one task is finished, you click the overlay done icon and move on to the next.  Certain things that are open-ended can have time limits.

You can go read your feed, but only by going through the process of turning off do mode.


On some levels, this seems simple.  But the amount of programming needed in this application is immense.  This requires a great deal of angel money and some sick programmers to get a prototype, then some huge VC checks to get to scale.

My Thoughts

The world is completely fucking scatterbrained.  It’s a billion different things taking a trillion different actions.  And your screen is essentially your window to all that chaos.  It’s easy to get distracted.

In some ways, apps recognize this.  One thing at a time.

A smoother, more concentrated way to work will exist at some point.  It may look something like the idea above.

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