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Biz Idea #17 – How Much is Shipping and Handling

by Byron on January 25, 2012

The Problem:

Infomercials do not reveal shipping and handling costs.  Moreover, handling costs vary widely among Internet companies.  There is no central website to compare S&H charges.

The Business

A website revealing shipping and handling (or processing and handling, as they call it these days) for any product that can be bought online or any online merchant.

Shipping and handling based terms are a neglected area of organic search, leaving an opportunity for someone with some SEO skills.  Google keyword tool reveals search numbers that aren’t quite sufficient for a massive traffic website, but the numbers are growing all the time.  Moreover, the competition is that low.  First page above the fold for “shipping and handling for (insert one of 20 different top online retailers)” is absolutely attainable.  Most of the sites that are there are there by accident.

You can monetize via affiliate marketing, adsense, banners, etc.


This is not a massive moneymaker.  But it’s very doable.  And for the right person, it’s a one woman project, done via one website site.

My Thoughts

There really isn’t a authority website/company in this space that I can find.  This leaves an opportunity for an authority to be quoted and traffic to be driven to the site.  Again, not enormous potential, but it can be started for under $500.

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