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Idea #10 – How to Find the Lead Plaintiffs

by Byron on January 13, 2012

The Problem

People come across small injustices all the time.  They don’t want to bother raising a stink because it’s not worth it.  Maybe they were shorted three dollars.  Maybe their cable was out for 8% of the month.  Maybe their rights were violated in some kind of petty way.   Maybe they are part of entire group for whom this is happening.

But they are too busy to care or to seek out a solution, knowing the repair will be small.

The Business

A website that connects individuals who are interested in possibly being a lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit with class action attorneys.

Class action attorneys are seeking out ideas for class actions as much or more as they are actually seeking out wronged plaintiffs.  Of course, in a class action lawsuit, you can’t have one without the other.  The class action lawyers’ need access to people and injustices.

If you could get a critical mass of the wronged putting up ideas and volunteering to be lead plaintiffs, you could have the lawyers pay for access.

The person with the idea gets lead plaintiff status and therefore lead plaintiff money.  The class action lawyer gets their fresh cases, with a willing lead plaintiff to boot.


Just your basic website designed to connect two people.  How do get the wronged to come to the site and volunteer their ideas?  I don’t know.  Figure out that piece and you have a winner.

My Thoughts

Certain relationships are still shrouded in some mystery.  Such is the case with the class action lawyer and the lead plaintiff.

Some people who need connecting are still not being connected by the Internet.  It almost shocks me.

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