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Best Business Ideas

These are the best business ideas from Estimated Future…

Kids Learning Search

Instead of teaching kids stuff, in an Internet filled world, we need to teach them how to find stuff.

An Online Business Marketplace

The market for buying and selling businesses is horribly inefficient.  Business brokers on the bottom end and investment bankers at the top are doing nothing other than trading in information.  The Internet cuts out the middleman.

Record Everything.  Forget Nothing.

We’re headed towards the recorded life.  Your entire life will be recorded and referenceable.  You will actually be able to prove that you told him six times to take out the trash.

Inheritance Loans

Getting money into the hands of the one day wealthy is worth a mint.

Facebook Timeline for Your Health

Imagine if your health was all in one place.  Wait, why isn’t it, again?  Because our healthcare system is too screwed up?  If you invent the place health data lives, you may just have a big hand in reinventing healthcare.

Two Factor Authentication on Every Website

Not sure about you, but I’m ready to carry a token in my pocket if it will secure every website I’m a part of.

Save the Road from Seniors

At the risk of being an ageist, senior driving is going to be an epidemic of historic proportions.

Live Cams Everywhere

If you could see the line at Starbucks, you’d know whether you had time to stop for coffee.

Who are Their Customers?

In analyzing public companies for investment, I want to know who the customers are.  Expert networks know, now I want to.

Personal Capital for Retirement Plans

Low cost, online money management is here.  Now someone needs to put the concept into retirement plans.

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