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Eight Year Old Gibson

by Byron on July 29, 2022


The other night, we had a sleepover in your room, just me and you.  I got the top bunk.  We had so much fun that we did it the next night too!  The second night we watched the second half of My Octopus Teacher – a truly beautiful piece of work about man and nature.

In the last six months you’ve been biting your nails.  Recently you got so frustrated that you couldn’t stop biting your nails and you were

Two nights ago we got on Simba cam at the Orioles game.  It was awesome.  Simba cam is where parents hold up their little ones – usually babies.  Not us … I was holding up my full on eight-year old!!  I was even flipping you upside down.  I recently saw on social media that one day parents will pick up their babies for the last time without even knowing it.  How heartbreaking.  Except … not yet for us!

As you bite your nails, while your active brain is processing all that you’re learning about the world and people, I think back to when you were really little at Bryn Mawr little school.  I think about simple the world was and how saying hi to everyone was your life.  You stood at the entrance to your classroom, which one year was at the entrance of the school, and greeted parents and kids.  You were the mayor of the little school.  It was adorable.

I hope you always remember that life actually can be that easy.  I know, as life layers so much on top, that it can feel like the world is just piling on.  But remember, as I am trying to remember, that you can just come back to being that guy who says hi to everyone.  That guy who is simply kind, unencumbered by all the world has layered on top.  You can.  You definitely can.  I know this because I know I can and will try, even if it is difficult and even if I fail.  I will be the better for trying.

I think you are wonderful.  I am so proud of you.




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