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Self Talk is So Important

by Byron on June 24, 2021

Gibson- you recently developed a pattern of negative self-talk.  In your head, you were far too often saying things like, “I can’t do it … I’m the worst … I’ll never be able to…”

We put in a mantra…

“I will do my best.  And my best is ALWAYS good enough.”

I admit- this is one of those easier said than done things.  Negative self talk is a poor habit that many spend too much time in.  I certainly have before.

Furthermore, how do we know when something has been our best?  Because best truly means “our all.”  Our best is always good enough, but it needs to be our best.

But then, once it really is your best, that really is ALWAYS good enough.  It’s your best.  You can’t do more.

Our best isn’t always world class.  Of course it isn’t.  It’s not meant to be.  Dad will never be a world class basketball player … or baseball player or golfer or doctor or crossword puzzle doer or a trillion other things.  That’s okay.  My best might be world class in legal marketing.  And just maybe in being a Dad.

But our best is our best and that’s enough.

We play a lot of tennis these days.  What I ask for is not skill but attitude and effort.  Great attitude and effort is our best.

Gib, you are enough.  Decker, you are enough too.  You are both awesome, incredible people worthy of so much time and love and energy.

Your best is always good enough.



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