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Getting Excited About Little Stuff

by Byron on July 11, 2020

Warnken Boys-

I just had my 42nd birthday.  I spent the day with you guys and Mom down here in Bethany.  We went to the beach, as we do almost everyday lately.  We went fishing, like we’ve been doing a lot.  We played with friends and ate French fries and hung out with Grace and ate fishers popcorn.

Probably my greatest joy is seeing you guys happy and joyful!  Mom is great at helping make you guys joyful.  Things I might not want to do because I’m tired or have to work or have a lot on my mind, Mom is right there to get started.

Kids, and you guys are no exception, get super excited about all kinds of stuff!  Little stuff.  We eat at Stone Mill and you guys like to go “under the tunnel.”  It’s just a little opening between buildings that now functions as a drive-up ATM, but it has a stone arch and you guys love it.  You guys love the splash pad at our pool at home, you love water balloons that Mom buys endlessly, and you guys get crazy excited about playing monopoly or doing a scooter race or a million other things.

I have a poem on my night table at home.  It’s called, “Walk a Little Slower Daddy.”  I love the poem and read it often.  I recommend reading it when you have kids.

Gibson – you say “Don’t ya know” as a precursor to anytime you are going to say something that you think the other person should know.  Decker – you say “Got it” when responding to an instruction that you are willing to do.  Both of these common comments are said rather abruptly and harshly.  Hopefully, with Mom and my help, this will soften a bit over time.

I love you boys and I’m grateful for you everyday!



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