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The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need?

by Byron on April 5, 2020


I spend a lot of time on this blog giving advice to you about how to move through this world.  I do it because you need it – we all do.  I do it because it’s my job to help, if even just a little.  I do it in case I have to leave early … you’ll know what I was about.

But sometimes I probably overcomplicate it.  I was watching Dave Chappelle get an award and he said something that hit for me – it really just comes down to these two things:

  • Be Nice.  
  • And Don’t Be Scared.

They seem easy, and they’re easy to say and remember, but they aren’t easy.  But if you can master these two things, you’re good.  It might be all you need.

On the same show, Chappelle shared advice his Mom gave him.  “Sometimes, you have to be a lion to be the lamb you really are.” -Dave Chappelle’s Mom.

I Love You Guys!!



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