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Do What Moves You

by Byron on February 10, 2019

Decker and Gibson-

It’s hard to explain what I want to explain and I’m guessing it won’t come out right, but I’m going to try to express the thing that I think may be the most important thing there is and it relates to yourself and the world…

Do what moves you.  It’s not usually one particular thing.  It may be a lot of little things from different disciplines, but “it” is always what moves you – what inspires you.  The thing that inspires or moves you may not even come from you – it may be divine and you are its channel into the world of women and men.

Do what you have to do.  Learning to find, then learning to harness, what moves you is a process.  It’s not easy.  You have to learn to trust yourself.

This isn’t just about one little area of life.  For me, it everything.  It’s putting soul into every single thing you do.  Being a Dad.  Being a boss.  Being an entrepreneur.  Being an artist.  Being a consumer.  Being a business builder.

There are other attributes that are important.  Consistency.  Humility.  Patience.  Focus.  But finding how to be moved, then harnessing it and living it, is about the most important.

Love you guys!


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